Several of the transitions that have transformed the course of progress and development have given birth to newer and newer developments and technologies with digitalization, being the most prominent amongst them. Digitalization has assumed to be a distinctive facet that has in fact replaced the conduct of the present-day generation.

Almost everything in the present day appears to be engulfed by the digital domains. Internet and the online mediums, search engines, social media, and alike, digital devices and mobility solutions that have infinitely expanded the horizons of communication and interactivity with several of the disciplines, trade, and businesses extensively dependent on them.

Whether, dissemination of information, billing, currency transactions, and various industries pertaining to media, e-commerce, B2B, B2C, health care, retail, and communications-the digital technology has been virtually sweeping across the various sectors with rapidity and speed. The present age is termed as the digital age with the share of information being superfluous and transmission global in nature, something unheard of ever before Digitalization has in fact giving rise to newer forms of businesses and trades that have enabled the growth of the global economy in incremental terms. E-Commerce transactions or social media interactions, the internet or the online medium is the backbone, or the most effective tool, that has a governing role to play in shaping economies, enabling global connectivity and communication.

The most noticeable aspect of digitalization is the profound change brought about on the several frontiers of the various domains of technology harness, and the capability of social media impacting the economic and the social landscapes of change From limited broadcast to limitless broadband technology that offers countless media-based products, the media consumption scenarios have drastically changed owing to the very nature and function of digital media in offering media and digital marketing based services.

Various search engine based techniques and online media channels are delivering a content of varied nature that cater to a variety of audience types and sizes irrespective of the commonalities that pertain to time and place, and likewise, trade and commerce reliant on digital media can be no different. In broader terms digital media has drastically cut down media distribution costs and accessibility is even more prolific E-Commerce, Businesses, and trade are greatly dependent on digital media and digital marketing, with traditional marketing transforming to digital marketing and markets evolving to be online market places that which serve to be the most visible outcomes of the digital technologies which apart from augmenting efficiency also largely help minimize legacy based processes and maximize revenue.

Sellers and buyers no longer travel places to connect with one another, with digital devices and applications of varied nature serving to be valuable instruments that drive business genres transform to be the most modern and superior in terms of harnessing technology for business conduct.

Nipige is one such digital enabler that digitizes processes and builds business-specific platforms for businesses of varied nature.B2B or B2C, Nipige can enable the digital conduct of business that includes digital transformation, digital marketing and broadly speaking everything that is necessitated by the modern-day realms of the digital era and conduct.