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Platform Deployment Model

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Deployment Model

Nipige provides businesses with a flexible deployment approach, supporting SaaS, on-premise, and private cloud options. This adaptability empowers businesses to choose the infrastructure that aligns perfectly with their preferences and specific requirements.



Selecting the Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model for a subscription billing platform brings significant advantages. It minimizes upfront infrastructure costs, as the service provider manages hosting and maintenance. This cost-effectiveness is crucial for businesses aiming to allocate resources efficiently.

SaaS also offers scalability, accommodating fluctuating workloads and business growth. Accessibility is enhanced, enabling users to access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection. Automatic updates and patches ensure continuous access to the latest features and security measures, reducing the burden on internal IT teams. Overall, SaaS streamlines implementation, allowing businesses to focus on core operations and customer service.


Opting for the on-premise deployment model for a subscription billing platform provides businesses with heightened control and security over their data. This model allows organizations to host the billing system within their own infrastructure, ensuring compliance with specific regulatory requirements and data privacy standards. 

On-premise is particularly beneficial for industries with stringent security protocols or those handling sensitive customer information. On-premise deployment grants businesses the autonomy to customize and configure the system to meet unique needs. While it may involve higher upfront costs and increased responsibility for maintenance, this model offers a tailored solution with direct oversight, critical for businesses prioritizing data control and regulatory adherence.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Opting for the private cloud deployment model for a subscription billing platform combines the advantages of cloud technology with enhanced control and security. This approach leverages dedicated cloud resources, ensuring a scalable and flexible infrastructure tailored to the business’s specific needs.

Private cloud solutions provide robust security measures, making them suitable for industries with strict compliance requirements and data privacy concerns. This deployment model allows businesses to enjoy the efficiency of cloud computing while maintaining a higher degree of control over their environment. It is an ideal choice for organizations seeking a balance between scalability, customization, and heightened data security in their subscription billing operations.

Our Testimonials

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Trigital team for their invaluable assistance in conceptualizing and bringing to life my passion project. The entire journey, from design to launch, was seamless and delightful. I am absolutely ecstatic about the end results. Their expertise and professionalism truly made the entire experience effortless and enjoyable.

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Trigital has truly been an invaluable partner in our journey to success. Their unwavering dedication to quality and exceptional customer service sets them apart. I wholeheartedly recommend Trigital to anyone seeking a remarkable experience. Our encounter with them was nothing short of amazing – their top-notch product and outstanding customer service made the creation of our platform a seamless and satisfying process.


Trigital plays a crucial role in our digital evolution, demonstrating expertise in Property Management Platform, design finesse, and cutting-edge technology. Teaming up with New Look Vision in the US and Canada, Trigital helps establish a dominant omnichannel presence, reinforcing our status as the top Property Rental Search in America. Exceptional design and collaboration are key in managing property effectively.

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Trigital's expertise propelled a 30% boost in supply chain speed, 20% waste reduction, and a remarkable 40% surge in online orders, elevating customer satisfaction. As our comprehensive IT partner, they seamlessly manage everything from development to cloud services, liberating us to focus on sustainable growth. Partnering with Trigital has been an exhilarating journey towards success.

Real estate builders & construction company in Hyderabad, Telangana

Partnering with Trigital has revolutionized our operations by decentralizing IT operations to distributors, reducing customer incidents by 40%. This integration not only cut management costs but also seamlessly incorporates SMS and network solutions, saving us from additional IT concerns. Trigital has transformed collaboration with partners and distribution, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction significantly.


Partnering with Trigital transformed our operations by decentralizing IT to distributors, leading to a remarkable 40% reduction in customer incidents. Their scalable system seamlessly integrates SMS and network solutions, cutting management costs, and significantly enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction, making our collaboration seamless and highly effective.


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