The entertainment and the media consumption scenarios have seen a paradigm shift the way media is consumed in view of new channels of media distribution proliferating the various entertainment based industries and online platforms reaching different end users and viewers to provide the desired content of one’s own taste and preference.

The Online platforms have virtually transformed the entertainment industries witnessing escalating growth trends with steady stream of subscribers and subscriber bases dotting the different recurrent revenue management landscapes over the past few years with particular reference to the over-the-top (OTT) segment.

Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime have further accelerated the worldwide entertainment/OTT markets reach new avenues of success and businesses are predominantly capitalizing on the growing breed of users who are increasingly opting for TV anywhere, anytime, and on any device with a host of television content related to movies, shows etc made accessible instantaneously.

As the online entertainment and OTT industry continues to grow in rapid strides and leaps, resilient and next generation subscription monetization platforms play a vital role in customer billing, collection, revenue analytics, partner settlement etc.

To survive and thrive in a growing industry, service providers will need to monetize revenue and digital assets deploying, resilient and advanced next generation cloud based subscription management solutions and methodologies that which enable seamless work flows and processes that make it easy to

  • Enable heightened customer or user experience. Enable better subscriber management and solution deployment.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to recommend customers of similar content based on customer preferences.
  • Use notification platforms to notify subscriber when any new content of subscriber choice is on boarded.
  • Create agile, subscription-based and on-demand business models that respond to customer demand.
  • Increase recurring revenue through pricing, packaging, bundling and promotions.
  • Customer retention by deploying frictionless subscription payment strategies that reduce subscriber churn.
  • Finest subscriber analytics to gain customer insights and understand key trends, thereby enabling faster and improved decision-making.

” Trigital presents an “Advanced Next Generation cloud based Billing Platform for OTT Monetization “ NGB – “Next Generation Billing” a billing system that blends perfectly with the OTT ecosystem as illustrated below. “

Key Benefits when deploying NGB
  1. Advanced, Robust, Resilient and Customizable OTT Monetization platform with years of proven experience in the domestic and international markets.
  2. Cloud native, SaaS service architecture helps reduce overheads incurred during various operations, for optimized and reduced infrastructure. Low capex and opex.
  3. Rapid Integration framework with built in cutting edge technology.
  4. Inbuilt settlement and remittance with prepaid, postpaid models.
  5. Faster Content launch.
  6. Highly scalable and flexible to meet the demands of new OTT segments and markets.
  7. Revenue assurance suite and analytics platform to give timely feedback for businesses to help faster and effective decision making.
  8. Favorite list and recommendation feed.
  9. Secured and threat proof solution integration.
  10. No waiting time, just unbox the solution and start your business.