The world has moved with a paradigmatic shift in terms of buying and selling and online marketplaces have become an integral part of our lives. Just from the convenience of the palm you order and they deliver right at the doorsteps, and of course, everything made possible by technology and the techno transitions as a whole.

From health care products to utility services, everything in the present day is being consumed through the online realms and the show doesn’t stop here, the concept of near me availability has led to geographically restricted specific places that have given rise to potential market places willing to offer goods and services to prospective customers on the lookout for products or services they wish to purchase.

And this is what has led to a boom in online hyperlocal marketplaces, vying to serve the local segments and bridge the gap vis- a- vis national and global online market deliveries or market places.

Service deliverance at the local level is catching pace with many portals catering to the local sellers, willing to explore the potentials of additional channels in terms of boosting sales and buyers shopping from the convenience of their palm, in a way harnessing the benefits of the mobility era and so on.

The pandemic era as one would say has further accentuated the need for local e market places that could suffice the needs of a range of customers looking for different products, goods, and services to be delivered to them through orders and transactions based on their fingertips.

Furthermore, an Online Marketplace automates and streamlines the buy and sell processes through a dedicated portal, where vendors sell their products directly to the consumers, so the prospects of serving new customers apart from the existing ones are very much increased, and with selling redefined the sluggish process of stock movement and distribution is replaced by swifter and faster movement of goods or products which in general leads to additional revenue on a regular basis.

One such portal is Nipige, a rapid business digitization platform and an e market place that caters to the needs of the B2B and B2C segments of the hyper-local market space, with features that make it a boon for both the vendors and the customers.

Nipige can ensure faster onboarding of vendors with a host of features that relate to products and services management, order management, shopping cart management, performance and analytical tools, payment gateway management, hosting, security management, and many more.

What more, the app facilitates tenant-based multilingual interface for ease of trade and purchase and has been developed keeping in view several of the challenges that local vendors and customers face when being part of an online marketplace.