The change brought about by digitalization is immense with its impact being profound on several businesses, with B2B and B2C businesses big and small vying to make their online presence felt.

Nonetheless, an online B2B or B2C e-commerce platform is quite different from an online B2B & B2C marketplace, and also the cost of digitalization and the complexities involved in effectively leveraging the potentials of digitalization could impede the prospects of a business or an entity as such succeed in the ever-competitive world of businesses, products and services.

Having a mere online presence does not really suffice the needs of growing businesses and there is a fine line drawn in between, from business being online from that of being part of an online market place, and very often many businesses big and small fail to realize the essence of being part of an online market place.

Imagine how much it takes to set up an online shop and harness the benefits of the online mediums.

  • Own costs and efforts
  • Higher Capex and Opex
  • Not being part of market places that provide access to huge customer bases.
  • Inability to provide comparative products and prices to prospective customers or in other words lack of better visibility when compared to other products and businesses.
  • Additional costs on Digital marketing and other OPEX and follow up maintenance.

To sum it up there exist barriers that impede optimized and effective conduct of business when the model of business conduct is an online shop or a platform alone. Being part of an online market or a marketplace is the much-needed model where business owners can cost-effectively prepare and effectively present item or product catalogues in their own way so as to flourish and make the best of a business and selling.

Let us now examine the benefits of a cloud-based B2B and B2C online marketplace “Nipige” that can digitalize businesses and connect them with huge customer bases and market places. Nipige helps business owners create their own product catalogs and feature them on its platform in turn helping customers notice businesses and the products they offer.

  • Platform ready business digitalization approach
  • Business owners can rapidly digitalize their businesses with minimum capital effort and start online business immediately.
  • Opportunity and scope for business owners to select and build an online business instantaneously that enables them to be part of a marketplace called Nipige.
  • Flexibility to launch and feature multiple vendors from a single window.
  • Sellers or vendors can host multiple products and items.

Nipige doesn’t just digitalize businesses but also provides a big marketplace for small, medium scale businesses of sorts, multiple vendor, and multiple product based e marketplace that could be an effective tool for many businesses.

Nipige has been developed by Trigital a B2B & B2C Ecommerce Software and platform Development Company in India. Nipige as a digital enablement platform has also developed some of the best retail management software and systems and can also effectively address the needs of businesses in the need of online property management software, online rental property management software, etc.