Portals have started catering to infinite business segments and sectors in a way as to broaden the scope of buying and selling. The reason is simple, how many apps should an individual shuffle across for various needs whether it is selling or buying. Utility services one app, groceries another app, so on and the list may be endless.

The need of the day is a singular app or a portal that can comprehensively serve to be of a marketplace and a digitalization platform for different businesses, or a marketplace for all, that can attend to the needs of multiple business sellers and buyers, more so in the hyper-local segments, where the diversity of individual businesses is broad and unorganized.

A marketplace for all consolidates various businesses, vendors from diverse business groups onto a singular platform enabling, vendors to develop business networks and sell their goods or services from one platform, one infrastructure or a portal that helps reach across customers with varying needs across multiple segments of different goods and services.

E-commerce giants across the globe have recorded phenomenal success by doing so i.e. catering to multiple business segments from one singlehood and enabling sellers sell products of different nature and similarly, buyers buy products of different sorts from a common marketplace as it is.

And the hyper-local sectors cannot be excluded from the online panorama, with people increasingly adapting to the online means and methods for several of their needs there exists a greater potential in the demand for locale-based products and services that relate to a gamut of sellers from within a specified demography and topography.

Shopping from the convenience of your palm has in fact given rise to such an urge – to shop for everything big and small with the delivery at the doorsteps. So forth the ability to shuffle across goods and services from a common platform has driven the concept of a market for all, sell or buy anything from a common portal is the mantra when it comes to convenience and pragmatism concerning different goods and services.

The concept of Nipige is pretty clear; cater to all the segments of B2B and B2C. A market for all approach and anyone selling either B2B or B2C products or services can onboard the platform.

The list is endless or in fact infinite, anything B2B and B2C, goods or services, domestic or institutional, one can be onboard the platform, digitalize their businesses, and be part of a well-thronged business network that connects businesses with their customers on their fingertips.